Software that learns to solve your company’s support problem.

IT-Service is:


for customers.

Solve customer problems by showing specific solutions based on real customer problems.

Agent Access

for support agents.

Surface resolving knowledge to agents inside your CRM and learn from them as they create knowledge and connect problems to solutions.


for strategic leaders.

Discover your support issues and product bugs by categorizing and modeling the entirety of your organization’s historical support requests.


Resolution on demand.

Solve Customer Problems

Provide proven solutions based on historical effectiveness as your customers describe problems.

Visualize and Quantify Deflection

Gain insight into how your knowledge is helping customers.

Flexible Implementation

Integrate with support portals, case submission forms, and even follow up with suggestions via e-mail.

Agent Access

Collaboration on demand.

Workflow Integrated

Integrated with Salesforce and ZenDesk customer support systems, providing immediate benefits without significant workflow changes.

Reuse Knowledge

Agents can create, save, and curate resolving knowledge in a way that encourages reuse for similar problems.

Measure Agent Contribution

Compare and visualize the value of knowledge agents create across groups, products, and individuals.

Agent Access Case Study

VMware Airwatch® used Agent Access to reinvent its customer support process.

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Data intelligence on demand.

Know What Your Problems Are

Categorize and model all of your support cases by product to understand trends and ways to improve support.

Find Ways to Improve Your Product

Rootless faceting allows you to explore models by filtering on any attributes of your data.

Discover Opportunities for Support

By comparing the time it takes to close cases within a topic to the number of KB articles linked to those cases, agents can quickly see gaps in their knowledge base.

Is your knowledge base always up to date?

Get our datasheet to learn how to create an adaptive KB while solving customers’ problems.

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