Product Spotlight: IT-Service

Does your self-help portal always help your customers? Or does it often frustrate them because they can't find the answers they need? What if you could have a self-help portal that learned from past requests, and got smarter, just like a human agent does? A self-help portal that improved with use and never forgot a lesson learned? Now you can: welcome to IT-Service.

Download the IT-Service datasheet or play the video to see how IT-Service can improve your customer service experience with a self-help portal that learns.

What is

People communicate with each other every day using a variety of digital means. Using new machine learning algorithms that marry social network analysis to text analysis, analyzes, groups, and relevance ranks this communication to derive actionable insight.

Information has a 'social life.' The true meaning of communication can only be understood if one understands the social context and networks of trust in which it is embedded. uniquely discerns that social network, and uses it in the service of searching vast amounts of information.

Francis Fukuyama
Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow
Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
at Stanford University